Kharina Kharran


What Is Life

There comes a point where that feeling of change is so strong that you make a conscious decision to yourself, to take action.

Life coaching works with us using powerful thought-provoking questions, that opens your perspective, allowing you to see things differently.  It is a journey of progression that releases limiting beliefs and creates new neuro pathways in your brain giving you clarity in your life, career, and self.

Tailored techniques are used to unlock your fears and anxieties relating to the past traumas, bridging the gap to your goals and visions of success.


This is a future-focused approach, first getting you to understand allowing you to understand where the trauma triggers stem from, acknowledging then then powerfully breaking through in to post traumatic growth. Empowering you to a deeper reconnection to you so you can life with out the anxiety attachment for good.

My Coaching Approach

My approach is direct and completely in tune with those I work with.  The effect of trauma on your life, like anxiety can be reversed this is done using proven techniques that rewrite the story inside of you. 

I hold a space for you that is safe and trauma informed, where you can truly be yourself and know there is no judgement on positive unconditional regard.

Fully accredited

I am an accredited and regulated Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Flow State Practitioner.

I understand how trauma affects the brain and I know how to safely, heal the feelings and inner beliefs past trauma evokes.  I coach with the intension to create sustainable transformative change, which will powerfully and positively change the way you are wired for yourself first, at work, in your relationship – In life.

The hero of your story

It’s time you were acknowledged as the hero of your story. Book a complimentary discovery call with me today and see how I can help you remove your trauma-induced  anxiety for good so you can regain your confidence, power, and inner freedom. 

About Me

My name is Kharina Kharran, my vision is to enable fellow CPTSD & Trauma Heros to step into a life of safety, regulation, and connection.

I am a C-PTSD Trauma survivor, who by the age of 7 had an ace score of 8.

By the age of 11, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which within two years progressed to Crohn’s Disease and by 23 the lifesaving surgery meant I have a permanent stoma.

There has always been a strong force inside me, like a guiding light that just wouldn’t go out.  I grew up with the certainty that I would break the cycle of trauma that stems back across generations.

I was determined to be different.

My fight to survive in childhood, was worth it, in the same breath, what happened to me was not my fault and should NOT have happened.

Severe child abuse, physical, psychological, emotional, and neglect.  In and out of care before the age of 3.  Then let down by the care system where at the age of 3 my innocence was taken.

I was lucky, somehow I am here.  My brother did not.  His life was brutally taken at 9 months old when I was 6.  The trauma didn’t stop there.

That survival instinct does something to a kid, and for me, I felt damaged.  What I had thought was the greatest imagination and that would take me on the most awesome adventures and I had ‘HOPE’.

Hope one day I would be someone.  I did.

In the last ten years, I worked in leadership & performance coaching with a Fortune 500 company for 9 years.

Then I had an opportunity to step into my passion for coaching and helping others change their lives.

I work specifically in desensitizing unwanted emotions and sensations from distressing traumatic memories.  This allows post-traumatic growth as the traum brain gets to process the trauma that’s stuck and one can live a life of safety, self-regulation, and connection.

What’s The Process Like?

My coaching is 100% Virtual, delivered through Zoom.  
After your discovery call you will understand what you need and if we are a good fit to work together.
Then your journey begins as you step in to my Signature 12-week Hero Program
 The coaching package is uniquely tailored for you as every trauma story is different. 
The sessions are a mix of 121 virtual coaching, pre recorded videos to keep you motivated week by week and special technique sessions where you will embed the change effectively rewriting your fear to courage
You will also be invited to join the I Make Me Stronger Movement private Facebook Group where you are in a safe community of empowerment.

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Download my
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