You’re So Sensitive – Neuroscience of The Highly Sensitive Person & ADHD

Sep 2022

Welcome to my very first Newsletter, I am super excited you have chosen to get stuck into this read. I am ready to walk you through the field of neuroscience. My purpose is to bring you clarity on:

  • Basic design of the nervous system & human brain.
  • How biological changes in the brain adapt behaviour and emotional responses.
  • Brain structure difference between the personality trait: Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and A neurodevelopmental adaption of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

I have simplified the topic, and so making the science easy to understand. Closing out with proven coaching tips that quickly shift your internal states to help relieve overwhelm for both the HSP and one with ADHD. How many times as a kid would you become lost in play? Through the power of your imagination, you’d embark on one hell of an adventure and make- belief where it felt like you were actually there within your world of wonder?


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